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The 5 Most Important Push Up Variations

There are many different variations of push ups for different training goals. But doesn’t always make sense to always change the exercise and do as many different exercises as possible, if you want to achieve specific goals. Here we show you the 5 MOST IMPORTANT exercises for different goals,...


The Perfect Pull Up

The pull-up is one of the best exercises you can do. It’s functional and involves a lot of muscles. To get the most out of it and make your pull ups perfect you should take a look on these 4 points. When you do pull ups you should always aim for a full range of motion. Do not only use the...


4 Rules for Effective Push Ups

There are many ways to do a Push Up, but before you start with Push up variations, make sure that you do your regular Push Up perfect to make the most of it. Push Ups are one of the most fundamental Bodyweight Exercises and are very popular. The movement is simple, can be done everywhere and...