for Calisthenics & Street Workout

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Cali Move Shirts

Get your Cali Move Apparel and choose your favourite Design. Comfortable cut, high quality materials and fast shipping to worldwide. Different logos available. Connect to Cali Move and order now.

from €21,26

Ballop Barefoot Shoes

Noticed the barefoot shoes in our videos? They give you a natural feeling of the ground you walk on and strengthen your feet, ankles, knees and hips. They are lightweight, perfect for calisthenics skills.

from €24,99

Gymnastics Wood Rings

Rubberbandits' Gymnastics Wood Rings are sanded down for a smooth textured grip that is noticeably more comfortable than plastic or metal. They are durably built to support any weight and won't crack under pressure...

$ 69.95

Calisthenics Rack

Specifically engineered for bodyweight training athletes, Rubberbandits' racks provide the ultimate platform for calisthenics training. Each power rack handmade and designed to...

from $ 925.00

Pullup Dip System

Stable pullup bars and parallel bars are expensive and hard to build. Not anymore with this Pullup Dip System, which you can mount to any tree or wall without damages. Perfect for Calisthenics.

from € 249.00

Wooden Parallettes

Parallettes can be used for a lot of exercises. It's important to get a good quality to not get injured. Those parallettes are stable and of a high quality, perfect for good improvements.

from € 99.00

Door Gym Pull up Bar

Pull-ups are touted as the best all-around upper body exercise on the planet. The Rubberbanditz multi-functional training bar is versatile and easy to install, so you can strengthen and tone...

$ 29.95

41" Resistance band

Each resistance band offers a different amount of tension, depending on the thickness of the bands. A thicker band will be harder to push or pull but will give you more assistance if using it for...

from $ 7.95

Wooden Pushup Bars

Push-up bars provide an additional training effect as they increase the range of motion. They allow you to go deeper in the downward movement of push-ups, which in...

€ 54,90

Ab Wheel

In-home workouts made accessible. Tone and strengthen your entire upper body with this versatile fitness tool. The FFO Ab Wheel engages your back, arms, core, shoulders in one shot.

$ 10.95

Ultra Speed Jump Rope

Our ropes aren't just for double-dutch, these high quality, triple speed ropes are 10 feet long which is adjustable to accommodate people of any height. The rope is attached to dowel handle...

$ 12.95