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Build your muscles with the right training and an adapted nutrition to maximize the outcome. Over 2 years of workouts to supersize your muscles.

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A progressive workout program to optimize muscle growth. All factors for maximum hypertrophy combined in 3 levels with over 2 years of ongoing progress, built upon scientific research. High variety of training methods, with periodic tests in a new layout.

✔ Lifetime access to exclusive online content
Comfortable online access to the programs + downloadable files
Easy access via PC/MAC or Portable Device
2 Full Body Warm Up Routines with Follow-Along-Video
Animated graphics with all important parameters
Scientific Training Methods and Techniques
High quality instructional online videos
Exact description of every exercise
Full Body and Split Training
Tests to find YOUR level

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LEARN different methods for hypertrophy
GAIN muscle size
ENHANCE your physical fitness
INCREASE strength and stability
IMPROVE coordination and control
CHANGE your body composition



These programs contain exercises like Dips, Pull Ups and Bodyrows. Make sure to have access to parallel bars for Dips, a Pull Up bar and a pair of rings for different difficulty levels of several exercises. You can optionally train with external weights, which means you need to have access to weight equipment. The content is online available. The programs include PDF and Excel files. Make sure to be able to open them before you order.

Your Instructor

Sven & El Eggs
Sven & El Eggs

Sven is recognized by the state as a physical therapist and licensed fitness trainer. He is the founder of Calisthenic Movement and has trained Calisthenics since 2012. Sven is in charge of clients in personal training and leads group courses. He has over 10 years of experience as a trainer.

"El Eggs" is a degreed sports teacher, with an additional focus in nutritional sciences. He has trained Calisthenics since 2012 and is the founder of a Calisthenics & Parkour association in Leipzig. El Eggs has extensive experience in a variety of sports like Taekwondo, Parkour, Biketrial, and Tricking with experience that spans over 27 years. El Eggs has trained people for more than 15 years and helps clients worldwide with Online Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Body Transformation about?
Body Transformation is about building Muscle in the first place. It's like a Bodyweight Bodybuilding Program. We included split training & many different intensity techniques, which are proven to work by science and often used in Bodybuilding (Drop Sets, Cluster Sets, Super Sets, etc.). BT does not include specific skill training. You can use different exercises for the program.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
How is the program structured?
You start with all the explanation videos about how the program works. Then you find additional explanations about nutrition, regeneration, mobility and warm up and cool down. The rest of the program is divided into 5 different phases. The first is a preparation phase to make your body ready for the following training. Each phase consists of 5 weeks, 1 test week and 4 training weeks. The test week also works as a deload week, which optimizes your improvements. The program gives you a rep amount for each exercise, which you should be able to do. To find out, which progression you need to hit that number, you use the test weeks. All exercises are shown as movement directions. E.g. the program tells you to do horizontal push. Therefor you can use different exercises, which we all explain prior to the start of each phase. In the test weeks you find downloadable sheets, which you can use to evaluate your training and see your total progress when you're finished.
How long does one workout take?
The BT Program has different phases that use different methods to reach different adaptations in your body. Because of that the workouts in the phases have different durations. Some sessions might only need 45 minutes or less others could need 90 minutes or more.
How often do I train per week?
This is also different, but you will train between 2 and 6 days per week.
What is the difference between Body Transformation and Complete Calisthenics?
Body Transformation is about building Muscle in the first place. It's like a Bodyweight Bodybuilding Program. We included split training & many different intensity techniques which are often used in Bodybuilding (Drop Set, Cluster Sets, Super Sets, etc.). It doesn't include specific skill training and mostly works with basic to intermediate exercises, that are scaled to meet your level of performance and to bring your the optimal stimulus for muscle growth. Complete Calisthenics is more about mastering your Bodyweight in terms of Strength, Coordination & Balance. You will work with different exercises as in the Body Transformation Program. A good example is the Handstand. A Handstand is mostly about balance and not the best option, if you want to build muscle. You will start with easy basic exercises in Level 1 and climb the ladder to master Calisthenics step by step. All exercises prepare your body for upcoming skills, by increasing the specific strength and increasing resilience of your connective tissue and to be able to deal with the stress. Complete Calisthenics will also prepare you for upcoming skills and includes direct Calisthenics Skill Training (Handstand Push Ups, Planche, Front & Backlever etc.) Of course you will also build some muscle, but the Body Transformation Program is a better option, if this is your main goal. With this you can lower your risk of injuries and learn stunning skills in a short time.
Does Body Transformation include mobility and the nutrition program?
The Body Transformation course does not include the mobility program or a nutrition guide. But you can order the BT program and add the Nutrition Upgrate. It's also possible to combine the Body Trannsformation course with our Mobility Program. The Mobility Program can be used as a warm up before your training as a cool down right after it, or even a seperate session.
Is the program appropriate for women?
Yes, absolutely. This program gives you the ability to chose different levels of difficulty for each exercise. So no matter if you are a man or a woman, you can adapt each exercise to your level. So if you are a woman and want to improve your strength and achieve and athletic physique, this program is right for you.
Is it possible to follow the program although I’m injured?
That depends on your injury. If you are injured on your foot, you might be able do pullups for example. But if you have a serious injury, you shouldn’t train. If you have some kind of infection, you shouldn’t train at all and give your body time to recover. Please ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice as we cannot rate your state of health. This is something that can’t be answered properly via internet.
Is it possible to follow the program and do additional sports regularly?
This is also highly individual. You might be able to do other sports at the same time but it might happen that you might experience overtraining if you train too much. Generally, we don’t recommend to do several things at the same time because the more different things you do, the less the quality in each of them will be. Usually, you won’t be able to concentrate on several things and expect the same quality than doing only one thing at the same time. We ask you to decide for yourself if you wish to achieve good results or if you want to do several things at the same time.


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